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Hello again Slash!

The next Building Competition will be themed around... Castles!

Build any kind of castle, kingdom, or midieval structure with as much detail possible to win!
-Must be built in survival
-No size limits
-No height limit
-MUST have a home set at the build location or you will be disqualified.

Rewards will be distributed as follows:

1st place:
500,000 In game money.
$10 voucher for Slash Donation Shop.
Grand Trophy limited edition item.
+Bragging rights tongue-out

2nd place:
250,000 In game money.
$5 voucher for Slash Donation Shop.
Silver Trophy limited edition item.

3rd place:
100,000 In game money.
$2 voucher for Slash Donation Shop.
Bronze Trophy limited edition item.

This competition will begin on March 13, 2017 and end on April 13, 2017. No exceptions.
I wish you good luck and happy building!

~LukeHoss [Admin]

NewlachYT I guess you should sign me up!

Im having a struggle keeping up with everything, I may not be on for another couple months due to my current PC having a BSOD, and I don't have another one. I am saving up for a new one and that will take some time, Im on console while at work and school from time to time still able to talk, no updates will happen 'till then because I'll need a PC. I have 2 part time jobs + school to worry about, I work after school and a night shift to keep up, only able to sleep on weekends. Any donations will help me get back on a lot faster, so if you can, any help is much appriciated.

                                                                               - Curt

IceFlareMG Hope you got it fixed.

Slash's birthday is on the 15 of march!!! Coming really fast! Even though I can't be on for it due to no PC, I hope you will enjoy it!

Also adding a special, 2 week offer to Slash's birthday cake in /buy for 1$ (It has knockback X)! We will be one year old! Its been a hellova' year, lets keep it going!!!! CAAAAKE!!!!

Hello, People of Slash!

We've decided to be less harsh on those who attempt to Hack, Grief, Steal, etc.
Therefore, I've decided to make this post so everyone knows the new way punishments will work.

Obviously, if any user is evading any of the punishments, he/she will be permanently banned.

Hacking, Exploiting:
-1st Offence: 7 day ban (With appeal)
-2nd Offence: 30 day ban (No appeal)
-3rd Offence: Permanent ban (With appeal)
-4th Offence: Permanent ban (No appeal)

-1st Offence: Verbal Warning
-2nd Offence: 30 minute mute
-3rd Offence: 1 day mute
-4th Offence: 1 day ban
-5th Offence: 7 day ban
-6th Offence: 30 day ban
(6th Offence will be repeated if necessary.)

Griefing, Stealing:
-1st Offence: 3 day ban (No appeal)
-2nd Offence: 7 day ban (No appeal)
-3rd Offence: 30 day ban (No appeal)
-4th Offence: Permanent ban (With appeal)
-5th Offence: Permanent ban (No appeal)

Ban evading, DDOS attempts/threats:
-1st Offence: Permanent IP ban (No appeal)

Other bad things will also recieve punishment, the staff members themselves will decide your punishment if that occurs.

Thanks for reading!
~[Admin] LukeHoss_

1.11 reset

[OWNER] H_curt a posted Dec 29, 16

A lot of changes have happened since the reset, like:

New pets! You can get them with /buy or /gems

/kitPVP! I have added kitPVP to Slash!

Many updates with GTA, like /vehicles command unblocked, you can find some on chests aswell, Ender pearl added to chests, New Odd Currency Shop, with the Flamethrower and Ender Staff, Armor shop added aswell

New /warp leaderboard! There has been a cool leader board added with many many stuff with MCMMO, Skyblock and more!

Command /dismantle has been remade, it's much safer!

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